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Let’s Spell Your Name!

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Have your child make letters with his body. For the letter A, put feet apart and clasp hands high above your head.  Don’t forget the letter M-for marvelous mom! Laugh together as he learns letters and moves his body to make the shape.

Crazy Legs Time

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Every time a TV commercial shows food, have your child jump off the couch and make her legs go crazy till it’s over!  Jump, run, spin, twirl, leap, dance, skip! Mom, it’s all about that crazy little thing called love.

Use Your Noodle

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Kids love pasta, so why not sneak in some whole-wheat pasta instead of the regular kind? It’s better for her and comes in fun shapes and sizes.  A no-sweat way to be an amazing mom.

I Can Do It, Mommy!

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At 8 months, your baby can feed herself with ‘pick up foods’ like peas and dry oat circle cereal. Don’t go larger than that. You will both be so excited. You are giving her a first taste of independence.

Traffic Signals

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At the park, have your child race fast, then slow, then freeze on your command. Mix it up and throw a high five in too. Life goes by fast.  Slow down and enjoy a few priceless minutes.