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Cereal 101

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There is a myth that cereal in the bottle will help babies sleep. It simply isn’t true. Cereal shouldn’t be added to your baby’s bottle because her digestive track isn’t ready for it in the early months. She will be ready for cereal when she is almost sitting up by herself (around 6 months) and her cereal should always be delivered in a spoon.

No Hurry, Mom!

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Be the healthy-minded mom you want to be and wait until your baby is about 6 months to introduce cereal to her. Giving your baby cereal too early can cause her problems later; problems like obesity or food allergies. Time will go by and you will be proud that you waited.

Jungle Gym Mania

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Be a human jungle gym. Make a bridge with your legs and have your child crawl under. Place your legs flat on the floor and have her jump over them!   Creating smiles—it’s all part of a mom’s day.