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The Big Question

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The Big Question: How often do I need to breastfeed? Your sweet baby needs breast milk around 8-12 times within 24 hours. You will know he has had enough at each feeding when your baby continues to turn his head, loses interest in eating, or falls asleep. Be happy because he is satisfied and full. Trust him to set the pace.

Focus on Success

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Focus on the little successes. Very seldom do we get things on the very first try. Breastfeeding is no different. Did it take fewer tries for her to latch on today? Did she latch on more quickly?  Don’t wish for perfection. Just celebrate the positive small things in your journey with your baby.

The TV is No Substitute for Mom!

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When chiseling your child’s future, consider the impact of television on your child’s life. When the TV is off, children learn to entertain themselves. They learn to dream their own dreams. They learn to work with others.  Your child doesn’t need a television or computer screen to make him happy.  He needs you to believe in him and to turn off the TV.

Is Grandma Too Sweet?

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Grandmas and grandpas love our kids so much, and sometimes the candy bowl is an easy way to show that love. If she’s treating your child to too many sweets, gently ask her to show her love with a hug or reading her a story. Even sweeter.