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Holiday Traditions Are in Your Hands!

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Happy Holidays, Mom! The holidays are always draped with things to do and food preparation, but this holiday season create your own family tradition. Start a tradition they will always remember like a family game of Twister or a family walk together on Christmas Day, or maybe you try a healthier version of a classic recipe. You will find your own way to create a holiday tradition and it will be forever remembered.

Cushions are the Best!

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Build a mountain of cushions and pillows on the floor. Have your child spring out from under them with a roar!  Add a sheet on top for even more fun. Forts are an age-old imagination builder and a sure fire improvement on boring old toys.

Swing Your Arms

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Have your child put her arms straight out like she’s a giant T. Have her twist her middle and swing her arms left then right. Do 20X!  Tell her all the things you love about her as she swings and twists, and watch her confidence grow.

Strive for 6

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Even though life is so busy, sitting down with your child at the table for 6 meals a week is a beautiful bonding experience. It helps set a routine for family time. Soak in the memories!