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Crave the Comfort

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Pregnancy isn’t a license to eat but it is a license to take great care of yourself. Enjoy a walk, a bubble bath, or a day with friends instead of those extra calories that over indulging in comfort food brings. Strive for a healthy weight gain and you’ll be strong and ready when your new baby arrives.

Unload Your Stress

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When we’re stressed, we tend to overeat. Nothing helps stress better than friendship and walking. So call a friend and go walking instead of reaching for those crazy comfort foods. Talk, walk, and kiss your stress goodbye, Mom!


Eating for 1 Not 2

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When you’re pregnant, all your baby-to-be needs is an extra 200-500 calories a day. That’s just an extra sandwich and banana for you a day. Make a decision to enjoy this special time in life by indulging in good foods for you and baby.

Breathe and Bond

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When you breastfeed comfortably, you can really enjoy bonding with your baby. Learn how. Call a WIC expert at 877-271-MILK (6455) for free, helpful tips.  We’re also experts at cheering moms through those first challenging days of motherhood.