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Open Mouth?

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When her mouth is open wide like a yawn that’s the time to bring her to your breast quickly and gently. Soon you both will do this naturally.  Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to know you can provide everything she needs and wants?

Lift Those Weights!

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Teach your child to be strong in spirit and body. Have your child lift a 16oz bottle of water like a dumbbell. How high can he lift it? Wow! So strong! Now Mom, you do it too. He will laugh when you both do it together.

Table Talk

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When you eat together, you talk together. You are the most important voice in her little life. Table talk also establishes family values and creates a sense of belonging that no child should ever miss out on.

The Freeze Game

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These are the memories you will look back on and laugh at when he is older. So remember to make some silly memories along the way. Turn on music for your child and dance. Then mute it so he freezes in that position. What does he look like? A bear? A runner? A tree? Snap a picture!

Easy Ropes Course with Your Kids

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Jumping rope has long been a tradition and almost an art form for many kids. You can start this tradition with your little ones. You don’t even need a rope to jump. Just place a line of tape or string on the floor. Have your child jump over it. Front to back. Side to side. Hop on 1 foot. Slow then fast! Make a up a rhyme like we used to do when we were young.

Active Kids are Confident Kids

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Watching her child run, jump, and play will make a mom’s heart smile. When your child is active six hours a day, he develops good coordination, better balance and a ton of self-confidence. So let them run and play and they will be little all-stars in the making.

Veg It Up

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For each mini meal, make half your plate a fruit or veggie. It’s the right kind of food you and baby need for healthy weight gain. There are a million ways to be a great mom. This is one of them.