Create New Memories This Holiday Season

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Fall is such a fun time of the year! The weather is cooler, the leaves are brilliantly colored and the holidays are on their way. Thanksgiving in our family means time with family, food, fun, and games. It’s one of the few times each year we are able to visit with our extended family, so we do our best to make many great memories.

In the kitchen, the adults busily prepare the meal amidst laughter and good-natured teasing while the children run around with cousins and try to stay out of trouble. When 1 p.m. pm arrives, we all gather around the table, or multiple tables, to eat. Someone, usually my dad, prays over the meal. It gives us all a moment to pause and realize that no matter what we have faced throughout the year, and we are truly grateful to be together this day to count our blessings.

Our food is not always the traditional turkey and dressing, but it’s special nonetheless. I love that we eat food we do not normally get to eat. This gives us all — especially my kids — a chance to try something new and different. We often discover a new ingredient or recipe I can incorporate into our own family meals during the week. It also gives us a chance to discover new things about our family members as the conversation flows around the room. Some of my favorite moments have come from the memories, jokes, and funny stories shared around the Thanksgiving table.

When dinner is finished and the food is put away, it’s game time! Sometimes we play cards or board games. If it’s warm enough outside, we play kickball or volleyball. Everyone gets involved, and there are bound to be hilarious moments and lots of laughter. No matter what games we play, it gives us an opportunity to forget the cares of life and just be kids again for one day. When the day is done, we are filled with good food and wonderful new memories.

What traditions will you keep, or maybe begin, with your family this year?

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