Everyone Deserves Health

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As the weather gets colder, I am tempted to hibernate. The 5:45 am alarm that tries to rip me from my warm bed is an annoyance, and the last thing I want to do is go out into the cold to go to the gym. On these cold winter mornings, I have two voices in my head. One says, “you will be glad you went once you get there,” while the other says, “turn off the alarm and go back to sleep – you deserve it.” The struggle is real!

Most mornings I do get up, I do go to the gym and I am glad I went. Once I get my blood flowing, I am not cold anymore, and it always makes me feel better. I deserve the gift of health that comes from being active, more than I deserve an extra 30 minutes of sleep. My children deserve a mom who can keep up with demands of a busy family. And since it gets dark so early in the winter, maybe the whole family can go to bed 30 minutes earlier. That way I can benefit from the activity and the extra sleep.

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