Is there a mom alive who hasn’t wondered–or worried–if her infant is getting enough food? Toss those worries out with yesterday’s diapers! Click here to watch a short video that gives you practical tips on how to know—for certain—whether your child is hungry or not.


Interactive Mealtimes Made Easy

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About once each week, we have a family style meal of finger foods spread out on a large cutting board. It looks a little like a fancy appetizer platter, but…

Life Hack: How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

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Do your kids like to drink water? One of my girls does, but it’s always a battle with my four-year-old. I’ve put it in big girl cup, a fun cup…

Your Words Have Power

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Remember that your words as a mom are powerful. I have to keep reminding myself of this. When I call my daughter a “picky eater,” she becomes a picky eater…

Turn Off the Tech

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I love it when my family is able to sit down together for a meal. We’re able to sit, talk, and laugh while hearing about each other’s week. We stay…

Let your baby set the pace for feeding.


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