MOMents of Excitement: Active Play with Your Child

Posted by | September 15, 2016 | Child, Inspiration, Toddler | No Comments

This summer, my husband and I made plans to have a water balloon fight with our 5-year old boy. I put my daughter down for a nap and told my son to¬†get ready… and the three of us went outside. Man, did we have a blast!

I remember the day well: I was tired, really tired. I didn’t want to do anything, but I had bought the water balloons and decided that my son deserved to have some fun. I’m so glad I made myself go outside to play, it was the most fun we had had in a long time! We ended up running all around the neighborhood chasing each other and we laughed until we cried.

My son still talks about the water balloon fight and how great it was. I love that taking an hour out of my day gave him such great memories, which I hope he’ll cherish for a lifetime.