MOMents of Fun: Cooking Together

Posted by | September 22, 2016 | Child, Feeding Time, Inspiration, Toddler | No Comments

I enjoy cooking, but sometimes it can be a challenge. The dishes pile up, the two-year-old wants to be held, I forgot to defrost the meat… it’s not easy! One thing I do to make it more enjoyable is getting the kids involved. I let them measure out ingredients and pour them into the bowl (yes it can be a little messy!) but it also helps them learn to use a measuring cup and to start understanding fractions.

I also involve them in creating our meal plan for the week. I make time on the weekend to plan out our meals for the week and go shop for those items. I ask my kids what they want, and then involve them in the process. I let them write the list out (which requires patience!) and have them help me shop. They need to learn how to cook, so involving them in every step of the process is important and beneficial.

Above all, I make sure we all enjoy it which means turning off the TV, putting some music on, dancing around, and enjoying cooking together. If they see how fun it can be, they will want to be involved, and it makes some great memories, too.