A New Mealtime Mentality

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The dinner table subject has always been challenging for me. My husband and I have different opinions, or I should say: used to have different opinions about portion sizes and how to go about having our kids eat the food they are given. Our household has changed from, “eat everything on your plate” to “eat until you are full”.

I’m not going lie; it has not been an easy transition. We are still working on focusing on eating instead of focusing on playing. I will say, though, one thing that has helped my family at the dinner table is the Mealtime Blessings conversation starter cards. They have been amazing. Chickasaw Nation WIC offers these cards to families in their office. The cards have different conversation starters that you can have with your kids whenever you are eating meals with your family. Focusing on the things that really matter makes my children not so focused on their food, but they still eat.

Another thing we have done is having us pick the different foods they can eat, and they pick how much they eat. In reality, not everybody wants a lot of food at every meal, and not everybody wants less at every meal. Everyone is different, and only you can tell how much you really need to eat to be full.

Relieving the stress of “eat everything on your plate” and changing it to “eat until you are full” has really helped. I don’t know about you but as a mom, less stress is always best!

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