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Breastfeeding Support from Family/Friends

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When I had baby, my life changed instantly. I never knew I could love one little baby girl so completely and yet feel so unsure of myself and tired all at the same time! It seemed like life became a continuous stream of feedings, diaper changes and sleepless nights.

I could not have made it through those early weeks without her dad and my mom helping me out. When she woke up at night, he changed her for me and brought her to me to nurse. When she got fussy in the evenings, he would walk around with her and sing to her. That allowed me to get outside in the fresh air and walk around the block a few times and take care of myself. It really helped me to feel refreshed and ready to go again when I got back home.

My mom was there for me too. She has always been my hero! She would come over and rock and cuddle the baby while I got some much-needed rest. She loved the bonding time and I loved the naps! When my daughter started sucking her hands and was ready to eat, my mom brought her to me and we snuggled in to breastfeed. Mom loved to watch us nurse and said it reminded her of the time she spent breastfeeding me. She was so supportive!

I love the way my family helped ease my transition into motherhood and supported me on my breastfeeding journey. I couldn’t have done it without them!

Changing Recommendations Over Time

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As a new mom, I was given a lot of unsolicited advice from my mother, my grandmother, my mother-in-law, and even my hairdresser. It was very overwhelming, and it was hard for me to know which voice I should listen to.

My mom is the perfect mom — she is my hero, and I wanted to be just like her — but her advice for me to feed my baby solid food at 2 weeks didn’t seem quite right. She assured me that her doctor had recommended adding cereal to the bottle for my brother, but all of the books I read recommended solid food at 6 months.

My mother-in-law raised the most amazing man I have ever known, but she encouraged me to stop breastfeeding my baby after just a few months and start giving him 2% milk. My baby was thriving on breastmilk, and I treasured those special moments when it was just the two of us. I couldn’t imagine giving that up.

I cherish every day I got to spent with my grandma and I miss her terribly, but some of her mothering advice may have been a little outdated. She recommended I have my breastmilk checked by my doctor to make sure it was good enough. She said when she was breastfeeding my aunt, her milk looked like skim milk and my aunt didn’t grow well. My baby boy was growing perfectly, so I knew my milk was perfect for him.

I love and respect these women in my life. They have so much more experience than I do as a mom, but recommendations change over the years. I needed to find my own voice to be my baby’s hero.

MOMents of Protection: Your Child’s Nutrition and Growth

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From the moment my daughter was born, I wanted to protect her. For me, that meant breastfeeding her. It was tough in the beginning, but everyone at the hospital helped me out. They made me feel a lot better, and I knew she was getting enough.

Fast forward a couple of years, it’s much harder now to know she’s getting what she needs. She is such a picky eater! It’s so hard to not just give her soda and candy because they taste good. But, I know my job as her mother is to make sure I offer her good foods that will help ensure she gets where she wants to go in life. That means I need to be eating well too because she watches and tries to copy everything I do!

MOMents of Joy: Breastfeeding

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When I was pregnant with my son, I knew I wanted to breastfeed him. My breastfeeding journey with my daughter took a path I had not planned, and I was determined to make this journey work. The first time I held him in my arms he latched on. I was overcome with a feeling of joy, relief, and awe. After all of my struggles with breastfeeding my daughter, breastfeeding my baby boy seemed effortless.

I remember cold winter nights cuddled in the chair next to my fireplace nursing my baby. I will forever cherish the warmth and security I felt in that room. Life felt perfect as we snuggled in the darkness. As he nursed contentedly back to sleep, his would lay his tiny fist on my breast, and I would run my finger gently across his chubby cheeks and angel soft hair. I felt so much love and contentment in those precious moments that are forever treasured in my heart.

Breastfeeding my son was one of my greatest gifts as a mother — a gift to him, and a gift to me. I had fully nurtured my baby before he was born and continued to fully nurture him after he was born. There is no greater joy a mother can feel.

Cereal 101

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There is a myth that cereal in the bottle will help babies sleep. It simply isn’t true. Cereal shouldn’t be added to your baby’s bottle because her digestive track isn’t ready for it in the early months. She will be ready for cereal when she is almost sitting up by herself (around 6 months) and her cereal should always be delivered in a spoon.

Fresh Start

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Maybe today wasn’t an easy breastfeeding day but tomorrow will be a fresh start. Keep trying and look forward to more amazing days ahead.  You get to reinvent your story every day. Tomorrow is a perfect, unspoiled day.