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Make the Most of Your Summer

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What summer plans do you have for your kiddos? Since both my husband and I work 8-5, all of our activities will have to take place on the weekends. I’ve come up with a plan for every weekend over the summer. My kids get out of school at the end of May, so that leaves us with about 10 weekends to work with. Not only do these activities build our bond as a family, but they also keep us active! (I added a “rest weekend” because rest is just as important as exercise.)

  • Weekend 1: Go hiking
  • Weekend 2: Visit the park
  • Weekend 3: Ride bikes
  • Weekend 4: Take a walk
  • Weekend 5: Rest weekend
  • Weekend 6: Scavenger hunt
  • Weekend 7: Go swimming
  • Weekend 8: Play sports
  • Weekend 9: Yoga
  • Weekend 10: Clean up the yard

Get Moving! Springtime Activities for the Kids

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Spring is almost here, which means we get to play outside again. My seven-year-old is in dance, so I don’t worry about her getting enough physical activity, but my four-year-old tries to turn into a couch potato in the winter months. Thankfully, my husband is all about fitness (I’m trying) so we make physical activity a family affair. Here’s a list of our favorite physical activities, both indoor and outdoor:

  1. Bike riding
  2. Dance party (Always indoors because I dance like a newborn giraffe)
  3. Jumping on the trampoline
  4. Roller skating in the garage
  5. Walking around the neighborhood
  6. Indoor basketball (This is a cool trick to make your kids help with laundry)
  7. Scavenger hunt (Indoor or outdoor)
  8. “Hide & Seek”
  9. “Red Light, Green Light” w/ music (Indoor or outdoor)
  10. Clean house obstacle course (This is my personal favorite)

Feel the Love

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! My kids’ school doesn’t allow Valentine’s gifts to be sent to them like they were when I was little. It makes me sad because I know how special it made me feel to receive flowers and goodies from my mom. It felt so good to get gifts in front of our friends because it showed that someone else cared about us, and we liked to show that off. I want my kids to feel that no matter what gifts they can or can’t show off on Valentine’s Day.

So, I’ve decided to start a new tradition for my kids around Valentine’s Day. I’ve made hearts out of construction paper, and every day I write something I love about them and tape it on their bedroom doors. My girls wake up to a new love note every morning, and as a result, I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many “I love you, Mom”s! My older daughter even took one to school to show it off! Not only is she spreading my idea to other parents, but showing off her “gift” and getting that same feel I got when my mom sent me a Valentine.

I’ll still have a teddy bear and flower waiting for them when they get home from school on Valentine’s Day, but I think these little love notes make it even more special.


Red Light, Green Light

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At the park, have your child race fast, then slow, then freeze on command. Teaching “Red Light, Green Light” is a fun way to get them active and help them to learn traffic signals as well. These days will go by fast, so take the time to slow down and enjoy a few minutes!

Play Sock Toss

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Roll up socks into a ball and play catch with your child. Sing songs like The Eensy Weensy Spider or Hot Potato and catch the socks to the beat. Fun and laundry? That’s a WIN-WIN, Mom!

Island Hop

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Pretend the floor is the ocean and the chair, sofa, pillows are islands and your child has to hop or swim to each. Beware of sharks! What other fun games can your imagination work up to make memories together?

Be Quacky!

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Have your little one squat like a duck and waddle down the hall or get down on all fours and bark like a dog. Teaching your child to use their imagination to play, rocks! (And so do you, Mom!)

Mommy Mirror

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Kneel in front of your child and have him mimic all your motions like you’re a mirror. Make faces, laugh, fluff your hair, all different motions. He will move just like you. This is great face to face time with your cutie pie, but also a great reminder of how much of an example you are to him. Be the example that leads him to the future of his dreams!