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Turn Off the Tech

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I love it when my family is able to sit down together for a meal. We’re able to sit, talk, and laugh while hearing about each other’s week. We stay pretty busy so our family mealtime is usually only once or twice a week. Something my husband and I do so that we’re able to give our girls our full attention is put our phones up during mealtime. In this day and age, we feel the need to be attached to our phones — sometimes missing what’s right in front of us.

Since we started putting our phones away, our conversations are more intimate. I feel more in-tune with my girls’ successes and/or struggles at school. It makes me wonder what I missed when I was on my phone at the table. My daughter came home with a paper she made for Thanksgiving. It was a list of things she was thankful for. It said, “Thank you, mommy, for feeding me and talking to me and loving me.” This was reassurance that I was doing a good job.

A Winning Team

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Family meals are important to me. In fact, I wish they happened more often. Between work, taking my daughters to dance class, and going to school, it’s challenging to do all the cooking and cleaning myself. If you’re like me, I try to take on EVERYTHING by myself, and I struggle with allowing my daughters to help out in the kitchen. In the back of my mind, I know this helps them build self-esteem and teaches them how to be independent, but as they’re asking me if they can help, all I can think of is how big of a mess they’ll make and how much longer it’s going to take.

That’s not the kind of mom I want to be. 20 years from now, I want my kids to think, “How long did Mom say to cook this?” not “Mom never let me help with anything!“ So this weekend, I decided to change that. I named one of my kids the cooking helper and the other one the cleaning helper (because they also need to do the dirty work behind cooking) and making it a rule to switch duties with every family meal. Not only am I teaching my girls how to be responsible, but they’re also learning healthy recipes while spending quality time with mama.


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Taking my baby girl to get her shots was hard on me as a mom. I would watch them give two or three shots in each leg, and she would look up at me with tears in her eyes like she was asking me why I let them hurt her like that. I asked myself that question many times: why did I agree to these shots if they cause my baby pain? What kind of mom would allow that?

A mom who protects her baby would allow that. In trade for a few seconds of pain and a few days with a slight fever, I was protecting my baby from horrible illnesses. I was protecting her from whooping cough, measles, mumps, and rubella. I was protecting her illnesses that cause far more discomfort that a few shots. I was protecting my baby’s health and life by allowing the immunizations.

After the nurse was done giving the shots, I held my baby girl close. I comforted her. I told her that I loved her and that I would always do everything I could to protect her.

MOMents of Fun: Cooking Together

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I enjoy cooking, but sometimes it can be a challenge. The dishes pile up, the two-year-old wants to be held, I forgot to defrost the meat… it’s not easy! One thing I do to make it more enjoyable is getting the kids involved. I let them measure out ingredients and pour them into the bowl (yes it can be a little messy!) but it also helps them learn to use a measuring cup and to start understanding fractions.

I also involve them in creating our meal plan for the week. I make time on the weekend to plan out our meals for the week and go shop for those items. I ask my kids what they want, and then involve them in the process. I let them write the list out (which requires patience!) and have them help me shop. They need to learn how to cook, so involving them in every step of the process is important and beneficial.

Above all, I make sure we all enjoy it which means turning off the TV, putting some music on, dancing around, and enjoying cooking together. If they see how fun it can be, they will want to be involved, and it makes some great memories, too.

MOMents of Excitement: Active Play with Your Child

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This summer, my husband and I made plans to have a water balloon fight with our 5-year old boy. I put my daughter down for a nap and told my son to get ready… and the three of us went outside. Man, did we have a blast!

I remember the day well: I was tired, really tired. I didn’t want to do anything, but I had bought the water balloons and decided that my son deserved to have some fun. I’m so glad I made myself go outside to play, it was the most fun we had had in a long time! We ended up running all around the neighborhood chasing each other and we laughed until we cried.

My son still talks about the water balloon fight and how great it was. I love that taking an hour out of my day gave him such great memories, which I hope he’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Red Light, Green Light

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At the park, have your child race fast, then slow, then freeze on command. Teaching “Red Light, Green Light” is a fun way to get them active and help them to learn traffic signals as well. These days will go by fast, so take the time to slow down and enjoy a few minutes!

Play Sock Toss

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Roll up socks into a ball and play catch with your child. Sing songs like The Eensy Weensy Spider or Hot Potato and catch the socks to the beat. Fun and laundry? That’s a WIN-WIN, Mom!

Island Hop

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Pretend the floor is the ocean and the chair, sofa, pillows are islands and your child has to hop or swim to each. Beware of sharks! What other fun games can your imagination work up to make memories together?

Be Quacky!

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Have your little one squat like a duck and waddle down the hall or get down on all fours and bark like a dog. Teaching your child to use their imagination to play, rocks! (And so do you, Mom!)