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Mommy Mirror

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Kneel in front of your child and have him mimic all your motions like you’re a mirror. Make faces, laugh, fluff your hair, all different motions. He will move just like you. This is great face to face time with your cutie pie, but also a great reminder of how much of an example you are to him. Be the example that leads him to the future of his dreams!

Holiday Traditions Are in Your Hands!

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Happy Holidays, Mom! The holidays are always draped with things to do and food preparation, but this holiday season create your own family tradition. Start a tradition they will always remember like a family game of Twister or a family walk together on Christmas Day, or maybe you try a healthier version of a classic recipe. You will find your own way to create a holiday tradition and it will be forever remembered.

Keep Your Balance

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Place a pillow on your child’s head and ask him to walk around the room without dropping it. See how high you can count before it falls. Does it stay on while you pick up toys? Does it stay on while you tie your shoes or wash your hands? Keeping your balance is good for the posture and can be a lot of fun together, too!

Follow the Leader

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Play this classic game with your child. First, you lead, then she leads. Be creative. Go under a table, around the cat, over the toys. You will notice more and more how they watch every move you make and do things just like you–even after the game is over!

The Crisscross Game

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You don’t even need a rope to jump. Just place a line of tape or string on the floor. Have your child jump over it. Front to back. Side to Side. Hop on one foot. Move slow, then very fast! As simple as it is, this game will be one they will want to play again!

Washing Machine

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Could it really be this easy?? Yes, exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. Pretend you and your child are washing machines. Twist your middles and make the “chukka chukka” sound! Go in a circle, then roll over and over to imitate the dryer! Your kids will remember all the laughter you had together.