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Get Moving! Springtime Activities for the Kids

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Spring is almost here, which means we get to play outside again. My seven-year-old is in dance, so I don’t worry about her getting enough physical activity, but my four-year-old tries to turn into a couch potato in the winter months. Thankfully, my husband is all about fitness (I’m trying) so we make physical activity a family affair. Here’s a list of our favorite physical activities, both indoor and outdoor:

  1. Bike riding
  2. Dance party (Always indoors because I dance like a newborn giraffe)
  3. Jumping on the trampoline
  4. Roller skating in the garage
  5. Walking around the neighborhood
  6. Indoor basketball (This is a cool trick to make your kids help with laundry)
  7. Scavenger hunt (Indoor or outdoor)
  8. “Hide & Seek”
  9. “Red Light, Green Light” w/ music (Indoor or outdoor)
  10. Clean house obstacle course (This is my personal favorite)

Make a Muscle

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An active child is a strong child.  Strive for six hours a day of active play. She’ll be the most fit and fabulous on the playground! And you’ll be a proud member of the Best Moms’ Club.

Play More

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Your little one loves to play. It’s also good for him. 6 hours of activity a day means less chance of childhood obesity. What will your child remember about your time together today? Ready, set, go!

Be Proud, Mom!

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When your child is active for 6 hours a day, he’s achieving major milestones in his growth and development. And that’s all because of you! Imagine how his life will be better tomorrow because of your actions today.

Catch Me If You Can!

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Sometimes it’s hard to find time to play, so make a everything a game with your child.  Turn off the TV and play follow-the-leader, tag, or just dance to some fun music! Five minutes will quickly turn to ten minutes or more of memories and fun.