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Be Together

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Blended families are complicated in the best of circumstances, and disagreements over where, when, and how family meals happen may seem like the least of a co-parent’s worries. However, when our electronic-free, relaxing meal times turn into a circus-like free-for-all, this momma sometimes finds herself at wit’s end! But then I remember the most important thing: We are together. We are talking about our day and connecting, practicing manners, and making memories. Her stepdad and I are showing our values to this wide-eyed little person who is absorbing every word and action. None of us want #familymealtime to be all discipline because they are only little once and therefore life should be a fun adventure for them. So, I’ve found that if I turn on a little upbeat music during dinner, we are all more relaxed, and when she breaks out into an impromptu dining room dance party, I’m more prone to join in.

Life Hack: How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

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Do your kids like to drink water? One of my girls does, but it’s always a battle with my four-year-old. I’ve put it in big girl cup, a fun cup with a twirly straw, and a water bottle so she feels like a “big girl”. These things only worked for the first couple of times, then it was back to the drawing board.

I can proudly say I’ve found something that works and is still working! I found a water bottle with a fruit infuser inside of it. I cut up fresh strawberries and lemons, then added water. Not only does it make the water look pretty, but it tastes like strawberry lemonade. I’ve also added fresh blueberries, cherries, and limes. It’s so easy to change up! I’ve even used a clear pitcher with water and ice for home.

It goes so fast, and I rest easy knowing we’re all drinking more water. I hope this can help your family drink more water as much as it has helped mine!

Take It To Go!

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Share a brown bag lunch with your child at the park or on the front porch. Going somewhere new will make your time together special. A few steps for your child but a new world of discovery for you both.

Holiday Traditions Are in Your Hands!

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Happy Holidays, Mom! The holidays are always draped with things to do and food preparation, but this holiday season create your own family tradition. Start a tradition they will always remember like a family game of Twister or a family walk together on Christmas Day, or maybe you try a healthier version of a classic recipe. You will find your own way to create a holiday tradition and it will be forever remembered.

Think H2O First

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Give your child water instead of flavored drink mixes that are loaded with sugar. He’ll have healthier teeth and a healthier weight. (And you’ll be the envy of the other moms who wished their kids drank water.) Sweet!