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Strive for 6

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Even though life is so busy, sitting down with your child at the table for 6 meals a week is a beautiful bonding experience. It helps set a routine for family time. Soak in the memories!

Use Your Noodle

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Kids love pasta, so why not sneak in some whole-wheat pasta instead of the regular kind? It’s better for her and comes in fun shapes and sizes.  A no-sweat way to be an amazing mom.

A Rewarding Life

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When your child is good, reward him with your love. Junk food just doesn’t measure up to a hug, a laugh or smiles from you. It’s a rewarding way to reinvent a better life for your child.

Is Grandma Too Sweet?

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Grandmas and grandpas love our kids so much, and sometimes the candy bowl is an easy way to show that love. If she’s treating your child to too many sweets, gently ask her to show her love with a hug or reading her a story. Even sweeter.

Furry Friend Invitation

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Mealtime is about being with friends and family. Even if the friends are imaginary. It might help to “invite” your child’s stuffed animals to the table. It’s a good way to stimulate story time and have fun at mealtime.

Watch Me!

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Your child looks at you and knows that whatever you do, he wants to do too. Find a broccoli recipe you love and they will love it too. Can you imagine what a proud Mom you’ll be? It takes some patience and effort, but you’ll feel like a rock star when it happens!

Water is Perfect!

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We drink it. We swim in it. We splash it. WATER is the best. No sugar. Nothing extra added. 100% healthy. Think water before you give sugary drinks to your child. It’s just what a young or old body needs.