Expecting? Take Care of YOU

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Christmas came early for our family — we are expecting baby no. 2 next summer! But, let me tell you, this “morning” sickness is putting a damper on my holiday eats! With my first kid, I was in my 20s, I had no morning sickness, felt great, worked full time and loved being pregnant. This time, in my 30s and in my second month, my energy is zapped by 2 p.m. I feel so tired, my body aches like it did when I was eight months along with my first, and I just want to eat (if I can keep it down). I know I’ve got to do something to focus on self-care if I’m going to make it another eight months.

Here is a list of things I’ve committed to doing for me, which in turn will make me a better wife, mom and employee:

  • Drink all the water! Well, not all of it, but I need to be sure I’m getting 64 ounces every day. That’s the equivalent of four to five standard water bottles. If I have one at each meal, and sip on one between each meal I should be good.
  • Sleep. Seriously, I need to sleep as much as I can and as often as I can. Power nap at lunch, lay down with my older child during their naptime, put myself to bed early, DVR that late night show and binge on the weekends.
  • Take prenatal vitamins. They are huge and smell weird, but baby and I need them. The horse pill size is no excuse, they come in gummies too. Proof that we really never have to grow up.
  • Move my body. Now is not the time to try powerlifting for the first time, but I don’t want to become a couch potato. I’m not what you’d call an athlete, but I hit the gym occasionally. Walking the park or treadmill, playing in the yard with my four-year-old, light yoga, or doing housework is perfectly normal and good for me, as long as my doctor says it’s okay.
  • Choose healthier snacks. Cheese puffs are delicious, but bananas are nutritious.
  • Book a prenatal massage. Yes, it is an expense I could go without, but we could nix our next date night or take my lunch to work all month to make up for it. Plus, the massage therapist will likely have some tips on areas to focus on for relaxation, and areas to avoid. I just made sure the massage therapist was certified in prenatal massage!
  • Divvy up the housework with my partner. If your partner is like mine and thinks taking the trash out and occasionally washing his own clothes is doing his “fair share” then we have our work cut out for us on this one. My control-freak tendencies are partially to blame here, but I am going to have a sit down with him, make a list, check it twice and give him AT LEAST half of the domestic duties. If you don’t have a live-in partner, don’t fret. Do what you can, and let the non-essential stuff go for a while. What’s that saying? “Don’t mind the mess, we’re busy making memories!”
  • Ask for help. And then actually accept it! Did I mention I’m a control freak? People always offer to help AFTER baby, but the business of growing this fetus is exhausting. If I get behind, I get stressed. Stress isn’t good for anybody in my house or my womb. I have to ask for help, and not feel guilty about it.

Being a mom is like being a real-life superhero, but when you feel like life is tugging on your cape – take some time and take care of YOU. You can’t serve from an empty bowl.

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