The Gift That Lasts Forever

Being a Hero Mom can sometimes make you feel like this.

You do not need to give expensive gifts to experience the joy of making your child’s life better. Sometimes the best gifts are free.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is a love of water instead of soda. Maybe it sounds easy, but it takes Hero Mom strength and determination to give the best—water—instead of caving in to soda marketing. Swipe on to find mom-tested tips for success.

Mom-tested tip No. 1: Offer only water—instead of soda—from age one.

Mom-tested tip No. 2: Make water fun and interesting by adding a paper straw or floating fruit.

Mom-tested tip No. 3: Drink water with your child. (They love to copy you!)

Mom-tested tip No. 4: Let them pour their own water. Tapping into their desire to “do it myself” makes water fun.

Shocking fact: Even one sugary drink a day can increase obesity risk 60%.

What gifts will you give your child? 

  • The gift of drinking from a cup instead of a bottle 
  • The gift of whole or 2% milk instead of formula* 
  • The gift of balance between milk and food 
  • The gift of letting my child decide how much to eat 
  • All of the above 

*Breast milk is great in the second year of life and beyond!

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