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Emergency Poison Control Hotline

(800) 222-1222

Let's Eat - Trail Mix Cookies

Our family loves making the trail mix cookies! They are super easy to prepare and make a great afternoon snack. The trail mix cookies were also a great way to get our twins to eat raisins.

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Let's Eat - Survivor Smoothie

Macey loves the frozen treat, plus she is the perfect helper!

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Let's Eat - Pumpkin Pie in a Bag

Pumpkin pie in a bag is definitely a family favorite. It is so fun to make and you can involve the whole family in preparing this treat. We make this with all of our cousins during Thanksgiving!

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Chickasaw Nation WIC

Do you and your family qualify for WIC?

Click here to complete an online application. →

Trust- Starting Solids

"Transitions can be challenging. Transitioning your child to solid foods is no exception."

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24-Hour Breastfeeding Warm Line


Calming Baby with the 5-S's

Getting your baby to sleep can sometimes be a challenge. The 5-S's are a series of calming techniques that are very effective in helping get your little one to go to sleep.

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Trust - Moving to a Cup

"In the beginning, much of what you serve in the cup will end up on the baby, in the floor or even on Mommy."

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Hofanti Chokma - "To Grow Well" Developmental Infographics for ages 0-30 months

Hofanti Chokma - To Grow Well Developmental Infographics for ages 0-30 months →

Trust - Pace Bottle Feeding

Trust - Pace Bottle Feeding

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