Words Have Power

Words have power. Words can change your world.

“Mama” is a power word. It reminds you of your power to change not just your world but also your baby’s world.

“Purpose” is a power word. When you have purpose, you want to reinvent your life to make the best life possible for your baby.

“Escape” is a power word. When you escape from smoking, you and your baby are free to live your best lives.

“Trust” is a power word. Your baby is already trusting you for protection from tobacco, alcohol, drugs or anything else that could cause harm.

“Dream” is a power word. When you are creating new life, big dreams for your baby do not include smoking.

“Inspire” is a power word. Every mom wants to inspire her baby. Someday you can share the story of what you did to protect and honor them.

Power words like “mama” and “dream” are inspirational, but sometimes you need more than words to put desire into action. When you are ready to quit smoking—for you and your baby—there is a power team of kind, non-judgmental people waiting to help.

Every day is another chance to reinvent yourself. These people can help. Call (800) 784-8669.


While you are reinventing yourself, WIC is here to send love and cheer you on!

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