Hero Moms Wanted

Look in the mirror today. Do you see a hero?

A hero is someone admired for courage and outstanding achievements. Breastfeeding is a courageous and outstanding achievement. That makes you a hero: Super Breastfeeding Mom!

A hero’s journey is to be savored. As you breastfeed your baby, thank God for the peace, joyand bond you are sharing with your baby.

Place “Continue to be my baby’s hero” at the top of your daily “To do” list. This will help establish breastfeeding as a priority, even on your busiest days.

Celebrate being “diamond” strong. As the months whiz by, breastfeeding moms—like all heroes—become stronger under pressure.

Heroes are happier, because thier courageous actions change the world. As a breastfeeding mom, your baby will generally be healthier, with fewer ear infections and colds, and at lower risk of diabetes. Breastmilk is brain food and makes you and your baby happier.

On your breastfeeding journey, the demands of returning to work, a lack of family support, or simple feelings of embarrassment can leave you with the sensation that you are trapped against a brick wall. It is not always easy being a hero. But heroes take risks and never give up. They stay strong for their babies.

Experts recommend breastfeeding for a full year—or longer—but only you and your baby can decide what is best for you. How will you feel when you cross your breastfeeding finish line? 

  • Successful 
  • Proud 
  • Victorious 
  • Fulfilled
  • Honored
  • Accomplished
  • All of the above

What will you do this week to keep breastfeeding a priority? 

  • Recognize how you will cherish the memories of this once-in-a-lifetime gift.
  • Ask other hero moms for ideas on how to go around “brick wall” situations, like returning to work.
  • Write “I am a hero” on note cards and place them on your mirrors.
  • Plan celebrations for you and your baby to reward yourselves for each month of breastfeeding.
  • Believe you are giving your baby the gift of a lifetime.

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