The Miracle of a Mother’s Love

Mothers show their love to their babies long before they meet them. And they start to give gifts that last a lifetime, beginning in the womb.

Lifetime gift No. 1: Freedom from weight struggles

Moms who gain just the right amount of weight during pregnancy - not too much or too little - help prevent a lifetime of weight struggles for their children.

Lifetime gift No. 2: “Liquid gold”

“Liquid gold” is the gift only you can give your baby. This is your first breastmilk, officially called colostrum. It nourishes and protects your precious baby after birth.

Lifetime gift No. 3: Custom-made breast milk 

Did you know your breastmilk changes, based on your baby’s needs? The level of protective bacteria-fighters in your breastmilk rises to meet your baby’s health needs. Only you can give personalized breastmilk - and that is a gift of a lifetime.

Lifetime gift No. 4: Protection from solid foods like cereal

Babies fed solid foods like cereal before they are 6 months old are at risk for choking and future obesity. Be a mama bear - protect your baby from solid food until baby is ready.

What lifetime gifts will you give to your baby?

  • The lifetime gift of a healthy weight gain during pregnancy - not too much or too little.
  • The lifetime gift of “liquid gold”—the first breastmilk after birth.
  • The lifetime gift of breastmilk for as long as possible. *
  • The lifetime gift of no cereal or solid food for the first 6 months.
  • The gift of a mom who is determined to nurture her baby in the best ways possible
  • All of the above.

*Breastmilk for a full year and beyond is great!

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