The Myth of Picture “Perfect” Families

Ahhh. The “perfect” family. A beautiful couple enriching the lives of attentive children in a showcase home.

“Perfect” families often appear posed for their Instagram photo in a grassy paradise, enjoying their beautiful surroundings. But what if your family is not like those “perfect” families? Well, maybe those families are not as perfect as they seem.

Every mom wants to be a hero, but seeing endless seemingly perfect families can send even the most dedicated Hero Mom into a tailspin.

Perfect families are not the ones who smile for the camera. Perfect families are the ones who show up - with love - for each other.

How do truly perfect families show love?

Truly perfect families might go to the park together. They may laugh, run and sing - but they could also get messy, fall in puddles and cry when it is time to go home.

Or truly perfect families might not have time for the park. Sometimes they walk, skip and jump around the house or driveway, making memories all along the way.

Truly perfect families eat together and talk - and everyone is invited and valued.

Truly perfect families allow their children to decide how much to eat. Dinner is not a battleground because parents choose to honor each child’s inner voice on how much to eat — or whether to eat at all.

Truly perfect families get help when they are stressed. Which is your favorite way to de-stress? 

  • Call a friend 
  • Go for a walk
  • Get more sleep
  • Check in with a mental health counselor
  • Take a bath.

Truly perfect families choose joy. They celebrate life in small ways — every day — recognizing the incredible miracle of being a child and the honor of being a parent.

Sometimes, truly “perfect” families capture the messy, noisy, ever-changing experience called life in a photo. However, they know the amazing adventure of family love can only be captured in their hearts. Success moments: What will you do this week to be a truly “perfect” family? 

  • Choose to be happy in my current reality
  • Choose to be joyful rather than complain 
  • Believe that God has plans for my family to prosper in the future 
  • Make memories in the park or backyard 
  • Allow my children to decide how much to eat—or whether to eat 
  • Get help when I feel depressed, stressed or overwhelmed 
  • Enjoy eating—and talking—together as a family

Truly perfect families share what they love about each other — every day. They look for ways to be kind to each other throughout the day.

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