How to Drop Baby Weight

What keeps you from dropping post-pregnancy weight?

“I-just-created-a-baby-and-now-you-want-me-to-lose-weight” stress.

“I have a ‘grab and go’ lifestyle. I do not have time for weight loss.”

“I would love to lose weight, but it is not a priority right now.”

“I am way too tired to even think of losing weight.”

“Being a great mom is overwhelming at times. My life needs to be more stable before I tackle weight loss.”

We get you. Keep reading for stress-free ways to drop pounds that demand little time and require little effort.

Drink water instead of soda. Replace a daily 30-oz soda with water, and you can drop 37 pounds in a year.

Before eating, ask yourself these questions: Am I really hungry—or just bored? Am I enjoying this food—or just stressed? Am I eating slowly—or wolfing it down in a feeding frenzy? If you are bored, stressed or overwhelmed, try walking or talking instead of eating.

Walk to the park. Walk around your neighborhood. Walk with a friend. Walk with your kids. If you walk a mile a day, you should lose one to two pounds a month. A 155-pound person who walks one mile every day at four miles per hour—and eats neither more or less than normal—will lose one pound after 21 days.

How will you start to drop a few pounds? 

  • Believe I am worthy of the time and effort to lose weight 
  • Switch from soda to water 
  • Pick up some hand weights and use them 
  • Walk when I can, even if it is around the parking lot 
  • Listen to my hunger and avoid eating for purely emotional reasons by taking time to determine if I am stressed, bored or overwhelmed before eating

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