The Power Hour

Imagine you could buy any of these gifts for your children. Which gift would you most want to give?

Higher self-esteem.

Lower rates of depression.

Greater academic success.

Lower risk of substance abuse.

Lower rates of weight struggles.

Less stress.

How would you feel if you were able to give all these gifts to your child? Proud? Successful? Confident? Grateful?

All these gifts—and more—come from eating together as a family. Family meals are key to strong, capable children and families.

Family meals do not always have to look like this. When it is time to eat, gather whoever you consider family together. No formal table or dishes required. Keep swiping for mom-tested ways to make your family power hour the best time of the day.

Mom-tested tip No. 1: Catch kids in the act of being amazing! Give each family member a “thumbs up” during the meal. Tell them what you like about them.

Mom-tested tip No. 2: Listen and ask questions. Questions like “What made you happy today?” or “What did you do to be kind today?” keep everyone talking.

Mom-tested tip No. 3: Play “roses and thorns.”  Ask everyone to share a “rose” from their day—something that made them happy or proud. After sharing “roses,” everyone shares a “thorn” from their day—something that challenged or upset them, or made them sad.

Family meals are the power hour. This is when you imprint your fingerprints on your family’s hearts.

Family meals are an easy, every day way to change your family forever. What will you do this week to eat meals together? 

  • Plan ahead to eat together 
  • Play “roses and thorns” tonight at dinner 
  • Listen—deeply—to my kids at dinner tonight 
  • Catch my kids in the act of being amazing—and tell them why they amaze me 
  • Feel proud of what I am doing to lead my children to success 
  • All of the above

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