525,600 Minutes

Every year, we are given 525,600 minutes. Why do some moms invest a significant amount of their 525,600 minutes in breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding moms feel loved. They use words like great, awesome and amazing to describe their breastfeeding journey, even when their experience was not always easy. They love the unique mother-baby emotional connection from breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding makes moms proud. They treasure the deep sense of accomplishment they feel, especially when they “stick with it,” despite pressures to stop or significant breastfeeding challenges.

Breastfeeding moms feel confident. Many moms struggle with insecurity, wondering if they are doing their best to nurture their babies. Moms who breastfeed are confident their milk is the best nutrition for their baby. Even moms who are uncertain about their milk supply feel reassured—and confident—when they see their baby thrive.

Breastfeeding moms feel admired. They feel pride when moms tell them they wished they had breastfed or gave up too soon.

Breastfeeding is a journey with ups and downs. Some breastfeeding moms feel they missed out by ending their breastfeeding journey before they crossed the finish line. They wish they had sought support from others rather than give up.

You have 525,600 minutes this year. How will you feel when you invest in nurturing your baby this year? Cross the finish line as a breastfeeding mom.

Ways you can invest your 525,600 minutes wisely for you and your baby:

  • Keep a feeling journal about your breastfeeding experience. Someday, you will cherish knowing how you felt as you gave your baby the ultimate gift. And to your baby, it will be touching to read your journey of love. 
  • Celebrate you! Look in the mirror and repeat these words: “I am an amazing mom. I am nurturing my baby in the best way possible. I may not be perfect to the world, but I am perfect to my baby. Someday, my baby will thank me for the gift of breastmilk. My hopes and dreams to be a great mom are coming true.”
  • Post to social media about your breastfeeding journey. Other breastfeeding moms may welcome encouragement and celebration of the gift of breastfeeding. You may even inspire other moms to follow your lead.
  • Write a letter to your future self. Take time to write a letter to your future self. In your letter, capture the swirl of feelings and events that motherhood brings. Imagine the future. Predict what your baby be like in 10 years. Guess what the world will be like. Date the letter and tuck it away for future discovery.

Visit WICBreastfeeding.FNS.USDA.gov/Letter-Your-Future-Self for inspiration for your letter or visit WICBreastfeeding.FNS.USDA.gov/ for more information on breastfeeding.

Contact your local WIC peer counselor for extra love and support at (888) 439-8970.

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