Listen To Your "Big Voice"

Your decision to breastfeed started in your heart. When you first imagined holding your baby, you felt complete. Powerful. Excited. Your “big voice” told you were going to be a great mom who could do anything - and you believed it.

You love your “big voice.” It affirms who you are and what you can do. Your “big voice” says you can reinvent an amazing life for your baby. In a perfect world, you would always listen to  your “big voice.”

But then the “little voice” starts talking to you.

You know the “little voice.” The “little voice” punches your heart, leaving you feeling heavy and tight. You feel stuck in the past. The “little voice” says nagging things like, “Who are you to dream big dreams?” Or, “You cannot escape your past, so quit trying.”

Welcome to motherhood, where your dreams are unlimited and waiting for you. You cannot change the past, but you can change the future.

You started breastfeeding because you believed in the beauty of your dreams. Your “big voice” spoke loudly to you, celebrating the gift you chose to give to your baby. Today, listen to your “big voice” and keep following your dream of breastfeeding.

Your “big voice” is proud of you.

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