How To Be the Mother You Always Dreamed of Being

What is your purpose? Having a child changes everything. It can even change your life’s purpose. Here is a simple way to define your life purpose as a mama. Find a quiet place. Grab coffee, paper and pen. Quiet your mind and breathe deeply. Ask yourself: “What do I want to do in my world for myself and my family? What is my purpose?” Jot down the thoughts as you listen to your heart. Refine your list over the coming weeks and then post it in a visible place. Your life’s purpose may surprise you.

Act on your choices. Dreams come first, then a plan to achieve them. But everyday actions help dreams come true. When you are torn between two actions, ask yourself: “Which action will take me closer to my dreams? Which has the greatest risk of sabotaging my dreams?” These two questions will take you in the direction of your dreams.

What to do when you are feeling lost. Life’s detours can take you away from your dreams. But mamas cannot drift away from this dream of breastfeeding because your baby needs you. Show them the way to stay determined. These actions may help:

  • Keep an open mind-picture yourself as strong.
  • Set small goals and celebrate progress.
  • Learn more about specific breastfeeding challenges.
  • Talk to friends and listen to advice.
  • Get help from your health provider if you feel depressed.

Visit to help with common breastfeeding challenges.

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