Take a Visit To Your Dream Room

Some days feel like a rat race. Your life is on autopilot. You can barely make it through the day, let alone have energy to dream big dreams.

Today, take a visit to your dream room. This is the place where all ideas are possible. Here, you can dream big dreams for you, your baby and family.

In the dream room, moms have visions of reinventing a better life for their children. They believe they can give their children the values needed for success. They know they can nurture their children in wise and loving ways. They believe in their power to achieve their dreams.

There is no room for negative thoughts or doubting questions in the dream room.

Next, take a visit to the critic room. This is where you and others find fault with who you are and what you have done. In the critic room, you will hear familiar voices saying, “You will never be a success”, or, “You are not good enough.” Haunting voices may say, “You cannot move past your past”, or, “Who do you think you are?”

Do not get stuck in the critic room. Here is the truth: Who you were yesterday - or what you did last year - does not have to limit who you are today.

When the critics see you breastfeeding, they say, “Your baby is not getting enough milk from you”, or, “Formula is just as good as breastmilk.” Critics also ask questions like, “Are you still breastfeeding?” or, “Are you feeding again?”

Do not let critical voices drown out your dreams. We want you to breastfeed with confidence and ignore both internal and external critics.

Keep visiting your dream room. Dream of being the mother you always wanted to be. Strong. Determined. Powerful.  

You are a breastfeeding mom who is making your dreams come true. Breastfeeding is a big step toward accomplishing your dreams.

Keep dreaming, sweet mama.

Get rid of the fluff. Only a few dreams likely really matter to you. Dreams like being a mom who nurtures her children well. Dreams of reinventing a better life for your children than you had. Dreams of giving your children a firm foundation that will lead to success. Fluff is anything that diverts your attention from your dreams. For some, fluff is being focused on a clean house or spending nights in front of the TV. To keep on track, make a list of your dreams and post them on your mirror. Decide where to invest your time. And imagine how you will feel when your dreams come true.

Be ready to blossom. Fear always shows up when you dare to dream. Fear says you are not worthy of your dreams. That you have never been successful. That you are not smart enough to achieve greatness. When you feel fear, know this: You are stronger than fear. You were born for this moment. Fear cannot rob you of your joy. Dare to blossom, strong mama.

Celebrate your progress. Dreams do not happen in a day. Celebrate everything you do each day to move closer to your dreams. As you sink into bed, reflect on your day. How did you show love to your children? What did you do to give them the values they need for success? Did you make beautiful memories? What made you proud? Then sleep soundly, knowing your dreams are coming true.

If you feel like breastfeeding is not working, go to WICBreastfeeding.FNS.USDA.gov/When-Breastfeeding-Isnt-Working or call our Breastfeeding Warm Line at (888) 439-8970 for support and encouragement.

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