A Piece of your Heart

Becoming a mom transforms you. You are the same as before, but different.

Of all the events this year, what are you most proud of?

Another change may be on your horizon; returning to work as a breastfeeding mom. Looking for tips to survive and thrive as you return to work? Read on.

Leave the past to start a new beginning. Moms leave a piece of their hearts at home when they return to work, but do not spend too much time looking in life’s rear-view mirror. New adventures are ahead.

Celebrate how babies enrich lives. Babies enrich lives. You return to the workplace a richer, deeper person, with more emotional wisdom and increased focus and organization. You are not the same person you were before. You are better.

Be thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow. Work is more than a paycheck. Enjoy the journey to new skills as well as time with colleagues.

Enjoy this fleeting season. Life has many seasons and they all pass. Choose to enjoy this season.

Leave a piece of your heart with your baby. Breastmilk is love, even when you are not there. Babies are comforted by your breastmilk scent and taste. Your baby feels your love.

Relax, sweet mama. Trust your baby and trust yourself. You will get through this season and thrive.

Find helpful tips on how to maneuver your return to work here:


Motherhood is a shower of emotions, especially when returning to work after pregnancy. Which of these things will you do this week to be ready for this season of your life?

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