Courage and Tenderness

What does it take to be a successful breastfeeding mom?

Breastfeeding takes courage. It takes courage to try something you do not know how to do, like breastfeeding. It takes courage to selflessly offer yourself to your baby, especially after nine long months of pregnancy. O moms with extraordinary courage commit to living life on their own terms, even if others are saying breastfeeding is not important.

Breastfeeding takes tenderness. Breastfeeding is more than milk. A mom’s tender gaze, and silent words give her baby a firm foundation of love, security and worthiness.

It takes tenderness and courage to continue breastfeeding, even if your reality does not match your dreams. It takes tenderness to keep breastfeeding, even when your baby keeps crying and you need sleep.

Breastfeeding takes knowledge. You are the expert when it comes to your baby. WIC peer counselors are breastfeeding experts. They are real moms who once were on the same breastfeeding journey as you. They can provide you with real mom advice on breastfeeding challenges and refresh your courage. Reach out to your local WIC office for support. Peer counselors are ready to serve you 24/7.

Breastfeeding challenges? Check out this link for helpful solutions.

What courageous action will you take this week?

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