Happy Days

How do you feel when you are juggling breastfeeding, diapers, laundry, baths and bedtimes?

Diapers! Laundry! Breastfeeding! Dreams fade when life seems overwhelming. Read on for tips on how to move from overwhelmed to happy.

Focus on what matters. Only a few dreams really matter to you. Dreams like being a great mom. Dreams of reinventing a better life for your children. Dreams of protecting your baby with your perfect breastmilk.

Fluff is anything that diverts attention from your dreams. For some, social media or super-clean houses are fluff. To keep on track, list your dreams on notecards and post them around your home. Decide where to invest your time and imagine how you will feel when your dreams come true.

Which of these real mom recommendations speaks to your heart?

Which of these dream-maker tips will you try this week?


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