Heart's Desire

Pick a word that says something about the kind of mother you hope to be.

Moms dream about the kind of mothers they want to be. Some want to reinvent a better life than they had and not repeat mistakes of the past. Some deeply desire to be an amazing mom but lack the confidence to believe that is possible. Some feel stuck, unable to move out of past ruts, and many moms wonder if they will be worthy of their babies.

Everything changes on the day your baby is born. That is when moms realize they have one life to live. They believe they can be the determined, protective, loving, selfless and fearless mom of their dreams.

But how does a mother know she has achieved her dream? Check out the clues below:

Selfless: Moms dream of always doing things to benefit their babies. Breastfeeding is one of moms’ greatest, selfless gifts to their babies.

Determined: Moms are determination specialists. Every day, they invest their whole hearts into improving their babies’ lives. Breastfeeding is proof of determination.

Protective: Car seats. Cabinet locks. Baby gates. Moms go to great lengths to protect their babies. Your breastmilk is a protective shield against infection.

Fearless. A mother’s love for her baby sends fear packing. Fueled by their babies’ love, moms can go beyond what they thought was possible. Breastfeeding is an act of courage.

Unconditional love. Scan your brain for these lurking thoughts: “I will never be a great mom,” or “who am I to believe I can reinvent my life to provide a great life for my baby?” Replace those thoughts with this: “I am giving the best of me to my baby - unconditional love. And that makes me a great mom.” Breastfeeding is a sign of unconditional love.

You have all the love needed to be a selfless, determined, protective, fearless and loving mom.

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Which of these actions will move you closer to your dreams?

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