Breastfeeding is like skydiving.

Skydivers swallow their fears as they jump into the unknown, fearful of giving up control but trusting all will be well. Breastfeeding moms jump into the unknown, surrendering part of their control to the baby and trusting they can succeed.

Skydivers love the daring adventure and rush of jumping out of a plane. Breastfeeding mothers love the life-changing journey of being the sole source of perfect food for their babies.

Skydivers love the thrill they feel when they approach earth at a staggering speed. Breastfeeding moms love the overwhelming joy they feel as they provide nature’s perfect food for their miracle.

Both skydivers and breastfeeding moms “kiss their fears goodbye” as they make the big jump. They draw on their inner strength and courage to get them through, knowing they are taking the trip of a lifetime.

Skydivers are proud at the end of their jump. They faced their fears and survived. Breastfeeding moms are also proud, knowing they thrived because of their courage and commitment.

Breastfeeding and skydiving mottos: No limits. Just jump. Take chances. Make memories and, “kiss your fears goodbye.”

Which of these actions do you want to jump on this week?

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