What do you think about while breastfeeding your baby?

Moms know life can spiral out of control at times. Days can feel like a turbo-charged rollercoaster ride as they shuffle between tasks, responsibilities, children and breastfeeding. Time rushes by as they focus on the future or the past.

Wise moms choose to capture each moment. They know they have one life, and they want to treasure each precious second. Decisions are based on what brings them joy, pride, memories and peace.

Breastfeeding can be a priceless moment, or a task on a “to do” list. If your desire is to be fully present for each life moment, especially breastfeeding, consider these tips:

  • Be grateful. Start each day being grateful for the small moments ahead for you. Think about the toothless grins and snuggles you will see while breastfeeding. Be grateful for the fleeting time you have to breastfeed your baby.
  • Focus on being rather than doing. Your mind wants to be in control of your thoughts. It loves to direct attention to the future and past rather than quiet and still breastfeeding moments. To keep focused on moments, pay attention to what you are experiencing. How does your baby smell? Are their toes changing? How do they “talk” to you with their eyes? How do you know they love your breastmilk? How do you feel when you see them nursing at your breast? What will you always remember about this moment?

  • Set the stage. Recreate your surroundings so you can maximize being present for your breastfeeding baby. Lower the lights and play soft music. Get comfortable. Snuggle close to capture breastfeeding moments. Examine fingers and toes, knowing they will be very different in just a year.
  • Pivot from “autopilot.” Moms’ lives can be filled with predictable, repetitive activities. Living on “autopilot” results in distracted days, not memorable moments. Moms who put breastfeeding on autopilot, as one more thing to do, lose the joy of those moments. Let songs, words and smiles keep you focused on what matters most.

Time flies. A year from now, your baby will likely be talking, laughing and crawling. Take time today to see and enjoy your moments with fresh eyes.

Looking for ways to keep your breastfeeding adventure fresh? Read on.

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