Who do you admire most?

What makes you admire them?

Someday, someone will ask your baby who they admire most. What can you do today to earn your baby’s admiration, love and respect?

Protect your baby. Play it safe: Offer only breastmilk or formula for the first 6 months. Babies are not developed enough to digest solid food until around 6 months of age. Offering solid food and cereal in a bottle is a choking hazard.

Wrap feedings in love. Keep your bond strong by cuddling with your baby during feedings. When your baby hears your heart and feels your skin, they feel safe. Bottle propping can lead to a steady flow of milk that may cause choking.

Make good decisions. Your baby is counting on you to make good decisions for them. A slow transition from bottle to cup starting around 6 months of age makes the change from bottle to cup happy and stress free.

Click the link below for more tips to ease your baby’s transition from bottle to the cup.

Which of these actions will you try this week?

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