Life Moments

Which photo represents your most important life moments?

Special life moments are rare and wonderful. When they happen, take notice, so you can savor the memories forever.

Baby’s first taste of solid food is an important life moment, too. Soon, eating will become second nature, but for those first few months, your baby thinks it is simply amazing.

How do you know when your baby is ready to taste food?

  • Babies want to be fully present for this important life moment. Good head and neck control and the ability to sit upright when supported are signs your baby is ready for solid food.
  • Babies can start trying solid foods around 6 months of age. Delaying the introduction of solid foods beyond 6 months of age can result in feeding difficulties.
  • Taste! Smell! Texture! First foods are a sensory explosion, but only small amounts of solid foods make it into babies’ mouths. Continue to offer breastmilk or formula. Just a reminder: Never offer cereal or solid food in bottles.

Celebrate your baby’s first “I cannot believe I am eating!” moments by taking photos.

Looking for more tips on feeding solids to infants? Check out this link:

What can you do to help your baby enjoy their first foods?

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