No Regrets

If you could do something today that shapes your child for the rest of their life, would you do it?

Unlikely Very Likely

How you feed baby during the first year of life can change their future. Those first eating experiences help children learn what, when and how much to eat.

If children learn to love vegetables in the first year of life, they likely will love them later.

Future success comes one day at a time. Here are winning tips for each day:

  • Children are fascinated by veggies. They love how fast they drop to the floor and what they feel like when squeezed. It takes time to explore them.
  • Smart moms keep serving veggies, even if their child is still exploring rather than eating them. Expect success after serving veggies 10-15 times. Giving up too soon may lead to later struggles - and regrets.
  • Offer soft cooked diced veggies. Provide 1-2 tablespoons of vegetables at meals for the first year.
  • Avoid bribery. Comments like, “Take a bite of broccoli if you want dessert” make desserts more desirable, not broccoli. Offer all food without comment for long-term success.

Wisdom and effort today bring happiness and health tomorrow - and no regrets.

Mom-approved tips for daily success:

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