Hero Hearts

Remember when your baby sat up without help? It was a testament to their ability to grow and change.

Remember when your baby transitioned from crawling to walking? You celebrated the change from knees to legs.

Children sit up and crawl on their own, but they need parents to help them move from bottles to cups. If your child is older than 6 months old, it is time to help them make that important transition.

Sometimes, moms have an emotional connection with baby bottles. They represent precious snuggle time, something they do not want to give up. Moms may want to slow down time so they feel they can enjoy their baby longer.

Moms who help children transition from bottles to cups are heroes. Heroes know their selfless responsibility makes a difference to others. Babies who drink from cups are less likely to develop tooth decay.

Moms celebrate when babies sit up, crawl and walk. Is it time to celebrate saying good-bye to the bottle? Celebrate that transition with your hero heart. Visit this link to learn how to help your baby make this important transition:


Which of these tips will help you transition from the bottle to cup, hero mom?

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