What do you hope your children will say about you someday?

Every act of love is stored in your baby’s memory. Your actions - even during pregnancy - become part of your legacy.

What legacy actions are you considering?

  • How will I feed my baby? Moms are uncompromising group, especially when it comes to feeding babies. Breastfeeding moms rave about the mother-baby bond and the security of knowing their babies will have greater immunity against viruses and reduced infections.

But breastfeeding is not always a walk in the park. Some moms experience temporary discomfort after beginning breastfeeding. An infant’s feeding schedule in the first few weeks - often as many as 12 feedings a day - can leave some moms feeling overwhelmed.

Both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding moms love their babies. If you decide breastfeeding will be part of your legacy, talk to your WIC provider about what you can do now to prepare for breastfeeding later.

Should I put cereal in the bottle? If there was a myth hall of fame, this common myth would be number 1: Giving babies cereal in the bottle will help them sleep longer.

Here are the facts: Research suggests the early introduction of solid foods - like cereal - was associated with shorter sleeping time. Maternal depression during pregnancy is linked to reduced infant sleep time. (Tip: If you are struggling with depression, talk with your health provider now for more sleep later.)

Mothers are masters at protecting their babies. Offering cereal in a bottle can lead to choking and allergies. Cereal in a bottle can feel overwhelming to baby. Mom’s best protection is no solid foods until 6 months.

Someday, your child will say, “My mom was my safe place. She protected and nurtured me. Thanks mom. You are the best.” Take a bow, mom, as your baby raves about you.

Which of these tips will help you define your mom legacy?

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