Nice to Meet You

Imagine meeting your baby for the first time. How will you feel?

When babies enter the world, a lifetime of love begins. In a snap, a mom’s heart is filled with a new tenderness and hope. An avalanche of emotions leaves you speechless, so you simply feel.

Imagine how curious a baby is to meet the selfless woman who nurtured them for nine months. They know your voice and now they want to know more about you.

What do you say to a baby you just met, who has already changed your life forever?

You might start by sharing the ways you protected your baby over the past months. Tell them how you loved them so much that you wanted to be the best you could be. Tell them how you tackled the impossible for them - and won.

Which of the following loving acts will you proudly share with your baby?

  • Daily folic acid and prenatal vitamins: Taking one or two tablets each day may not seem worthy of celebration, but that 10-second action can help prevent major birth defects in your baby’s brain and spine. Thanks in advance, Mom.
  • Daily activity: Simple activities like walking offer big payoffs for moms, including better moods, energy levels and better sleep. Reduced backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling are also a plus. (Always check with your health care provider before starting to exercise.)
  • Keep weight gain within recommended limits. You may have heard about the importance of preventing excess weight gain during pregnancy. Your baby wants you to listen to those weight gain recommendations. Children with mothers who gained excessive weight during pregnancy were 50% more likely to become overweight later in life.
  • Protect your baby from alcohol, smoking and drugs. Hero moms take action to protect their babies. If you cannot quit smoking, drinking or drugs such as marijuana (medical and recreational) on your own, your baby wants you to get help. Call your doctor today, or your local WIC office can connect you with non-judgmental experts. Your baby is cheering for you.

Check out these ways to make the world a better place for your baby. Which will you consider this week?

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