How likely are you to achieve your parenting dreams?

Not likely Very likely

Moms want the best for their children. Dreams of successful, strong children start long before ultrasounds and continue for a lifetime. Moms’ deepest hope is their children will be more successful and happier than they are.

Do you believe your hopes will come true?

There are no guarantees in life. But the simplest, best promise is this: What you do makes a difference. Consider these insights as you plan for your baby’s future success.

  • Focus on what you can do rather than what you cannot do. Fancy nurseries and elaborate “reveal” parties have less effect on your children’s future than daily walks. Start slow and gradually work up to 150 minutes (2½ hours) of brisk walking or aerobic activity a week. Does 150 minutes a week sound impossible? Break it up into 10 minutes at a time, throughout the day. A heathier body can equal a healthier baby.

(Talk to your health provider before starting activity.)

  • Set success goals. The road to success is fueled by goals. Small goals - like taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid everyday - yield huge rewards. Prenatal vitamins with folic acid may prevent serious brain and spine defects. Folic acid may prevent birth defects like cleft lip and congenital heart disease. Taking your daily prenatal vitamins pays off for you and your baby for a lifetime.

There is no “right” time to start your child on the road to success. Everyday matters. Pregnancy may be the “right” time for you to make small changes with lifetime effects.

One of the biggest gifts you can give for your children’s future is to quit smoking. Smoking during pregnancy can result in your child suffering long-term health problems.

Who you were in the past has little to do with who you are today. This is your time for big dreams and for creating who you want to be, for both you and your baby. Your futures depend on it.

Which of these actions will move you closer to your dreams this week?

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