How willing are you to make changes for your baby’s welfare?

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Pregnancy is a time of breathtaking growth. Pregnancy can also be a time of stress and anxiety.

Many moms walk, run or meet friends when they feel stressed or anxious. Some moms rely on marijuana to get them through tough days, believing it will relieve stress and anxiety.

Consider these questions and answers as you make decisions for you and your baby about marijuana during pregnancy.

  • Is marijuana safe for my baby? Pregnant women who smoke, vape or eat marijuana are essentially sharing that drug with their babies, and that is not safe.
  • I have a card for medical marijuana. Is medical marijuana safer than recreational marijuana? Medical and recreational marijuana can both be harmful during pregnancy. The chemicals in medical and recreational marijuana can pass through your system to your baby and harm your baby’s development.
  • What should I do if I used marijuana in the first few months before I knew I was pregnant? Forgive yourself for the past. Courageously move forward to give your baby a drug-free life.

  • Is smoking marijuana better than smoking cigarettes? Both cigarettes and marijuana can affect babies’ development. Women who smoke both tobacco and marijuana have a higher chance of preterm birth than women who do not use marijuana.
  • Does “vaping” or eating products that contain marijuana cause harm to babies? Eatables and vaped marijuana have THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, that can harm babies. No form of marijuana is safe for babies.
  • It is safe to breastfeed and use marijuana? Chemicals from marijuana can be passed to your baby through breastmilk. Because chemicals found in marijuana are stored in fat and released over time, babies can be exposed even after you stop using marijuana.
  • How can I quit using marijuana? Talk to your health care provider to identify treatment options.

Your decision to “do right” by your baby is proof of your dedication and love. Be proud, sweet mama.

Babies trust their mamas to nurture and protect them. Consider these actions as you make your decision to avoid marijuana:

Need more information on marijuana use during pregnancy? Check out this site: .

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