Which of these gifts do you want to give your children?

It is easy to drift through life, focused on long lists of chores that do not bring joy. One day fades into another. Chore lists that never end.

What if this could be your season of happiness? What if you captured extraordinary moments rather than waited for a new season of life? What if you expected wonder in the midst of everyday responsibilities?

Keep your antenna up for opportunities that could give your children happiness and a greater sense of belonging, like family meals. Meals can be just another daily chore or the opportunity to change your children’s lives.

Family meals are gifts of love. Children who experience family meals feel more connected to the people they love. They know they belong.

Sure, children can feel connected to families without shared meals, but the daily routine of family meals makes it easier to cement those feelings for life. Children look forward to daily family meals because they feel like a warm hug, seasoned with love.

Maybe you did not grow up eating family meals. Do not look in the rearview mirror. Choose a different path to reinvent better lives for your children.

Start each day believing something wonderful is about to happen. Expect the extraordinary. Look for nuggets of joy. Unwrap the wonderful gifts present in this season of your life.

Looking for easy ways to make family meals happen for your family? Which of these tips will you try this week so you can unwrap the joy of family meals together?

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