Body, Mind and Spirit

You believe it is possible to change your body, mind and spirit in 20 minutes a day.

The thought of changing body, mind and spirit in 20 minutes is appealing to anyone, but especially pregnant women.

You can change your body, mind and spirit by being active for 20 minutes or more each day. And no, we are not talking about running marathons or endless squats. Options for pregnant women are abundant, like walking, yoga, biking, stretching and marching in place. Ask your doctor about recommended activities for you.

Physical activity makes you happier. Being active increases your blood flow and releases hormones that help you feel better emotionally. Physical activity has also been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, allowing your mind to relax and be at peace.

Physical activity enriches your spiritual life. When you reduce your stress, anxiety and depression, it is easier to tune into your spiritual life. Daily walks allow you time to reflect and meditate.

Physical activity improves your body. It strengthens your muscles and speeds your metabolism, which in turn helps you maintain a healthy weight.

What can you do this week to improve your body, mind and soul?

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