What will you miss most when your breastfeeding journey ends?

To some, breastfeeding is about mammary glands producing the healthiest form of nutrition for infants. Scientists brag about the thousands of breastfeeding ingredients that build babies’ bodies and protect immune systems.

Like babies, all moms are individuals. For some, breastfeeding is an act of love, a gift only they can give their babies, or a badge of pride and the joy of nurturing a new life. Breastfeeding is a season in their lives.

Seasons are temporary. Each season is an opportunity to learn and grow. Breastfeeding moms realize they are stronger than they think, and perseverance pays off. They grasp the power of love and dedication to change lives. They experience the joy that comes when they recognize they are different - better - than at the start of their breastfeeding journey.

Breastfeeding can be an exhilarating high, but also a season of struggles and frustrations. Some moms feel unsupported. The thought of returning to work or school can be overwhelming. Others are embarrassed or experience body image issues, and some just want their bodies back.

So, why do breastfeeding moms persevere, despite challenges? It all comes down to this:

special bonding time, calming moments, skin-on-skin closeness, snuggles and cuddles, emotional connection and pride, knowing they powered their baby’s growth.

For this short season in their lives, breastfeeding moms want to remember how they owned their babies’ hearts. They defeated challenges and won.

Which of these tips will help keep your focus on the joy of breastfeeding in this season of life?

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