Deep Love

How often do you tell your children you love them?

Loving words whispered throughout the day are important. They remind children they are loved. But what children crave is deep love. Limitless and timeless, deep love is profound and intense.

How can parents provide the deep love children need and want?

Children experience deep love during family meals. It is a safe haven for them to share their deepest desires and joys as well as events that puncture their hearts. Family meal time is a place where people listen to them and respect what they say. Sure, there will be teasing and arguing along with laughter and love. Memories are made as family members reveal who they really are in an accepting and loving place.

Giving your children the gift of deep love sounds good, but preparing meals can be a struggle. Keep it simple. Children always remember the memories of being together but rarely the food.

Today’s family meals may look different than in the past, but they can still happen. Have a sport event to attend? Bring a blanket and eat at the park. Driving between school activities? Let the conversation flow as you enjoy packed lunches together. No table? Enjoy an indoor picnic.

Next time your family sits down together, stop and smile. Eating as a family is a priceless gift. Your children will never remember fancy foods, but they will always remember the joy you shared. The happiness shared will be transformed into a strong bond between your family forever.

Your children are hungry for deep love. Serve it up today.

Check out these easy ways to give your family deep love at family meals.

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